Is that Negative Yelp Review Real?

We help remove fake Yelp reviews. We also can assist in resolving legitimate customer complaints and restoring your online reputation.

Negative reviews can be stressful and can cause real damage to your business. Potential customers will read the review and it can lead to lost revenue.

That’s where we come in.

First, we determine if the review is authentic.

Second, we attempt to resolve any authentic disputes on your behalf.

Third, any non-authentic disputes are made public with our findings.

Ready to get started?  First, do not respond publicly to the comment. Responding publicly often escalates the problems and makes resolution more difficult. As long as the review is online you don’t want to call attention to the review or appear defensive to potential clients. Let us show you our “stick to the facts” approach which has a proven success rate at amicable resolution.

  1. Click “GET STARTED” now.
  2. Link us to your page and identify the negative review.
  3. Respond to the review by posting our unique link.
  4. That’s it!  Let our system take it from here!
  5. Within 7 days we will have a public report ready for your review.